• Welcome to the NCP

    Welcome to the NCP. It stands for Navy of Club Penguin. It is a growing army. We are always welcoming new troops so if you want to join feel free. Our chat is xat.com/navyofcp/ We are still partly under construction. Most of it is done we are just looking for some new owners and mods. We also need some allies. Join and have fun. Samoth12~ Foleyethan~ Donut~
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    • 10,066 Sailors have visited this site!
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  • About the Leaders

    Foleyethan-NCP Founder Foleyethan orginally founded Navy of CP (NCP) in late 2009. It has been restarted a number of times. He made all of the pages, but is not the Graphic Designer. He does all the page-making. Samoth12-NCP Leader Samoth is the Navy of CP Leader. But believe me, he isn't a person of giving orders, he does our CSS that Foleyethan paid for, he does ALL the graphics, and when I say all, I mean ALL. After Foleyethan makes the pages, he does all the quick edits. So he does a little bit of all as well! Jim430-NCP 2IC Jim is the Navy of CP Second in Command. He is the person who goes around scheduling battles with other people!

I am deciding

First off, NCP is not merging. Second, I am not returning. Third, we are closing for buisness. Any objections? That’s too bad, because NCP had its chance, and didn’t make it, we did accomplish one thing though that you should all be prouf of, we became a medium army. So NCP will close honorably, all admin,s editors, and autjors will be deleted, NCP will not merge under any circumstances. Good day to you all.



Wow im disappointed

Wow this army is a failure now… I planned a practice a week ahead and no one showed up. No one has even been on chat since. If we keep failing like this we will die out again. Foley this is why I wanted to merge. I saw this coming. Ive seen many army’s go downhill. It always starts when either there are arguments or troops starting to join other army’s. We had a little bit of both. Well Foley you do what you think is best well I sit back and keep my mouth shut like I have been. Lets see where it gets us 😉

Hard Training and foley meeting with Edd

Okay we haven’t practiced or anything since the big foot invasion so i’m setting one up for us  one. It will be

When: February 26 2009 at 5:00+

Where: Ice Shelf

Why: We need to stay active and we need some practice

I expect at least 6-10 of the 15 active troops we have. I will set up a few training methods to use well were there. Foley you should come too. We’ll need two leaders to do what I want to do. If you show up you will be rewarded and maybe there will be a promotion involved.


I have made my retirement decision with NCP

Hello Troops,

NCP is a medium-small army. Less than a month ago, it was dead. You men who are activ here today, are some of the most loyal I’ve seen in a long time (besides the “other” stuff I’ve been seeing on chats). So, you all know I’m retiring like today. This army has made me so proud, I think I will remain leader of NCP, NCP ONLY! For about 2 hours everyday. It could change to 1.


Invasion of Big Foot Success

Hi its samoth. We won the invasion today because of default once again. I’m starting to think most people don’t take us as a threat. Well we obviously can do some winning. This should get us farther up the ranks in the top 10 medium army’s. Here is a pic I took of the invasion.

Most of us had to use penguin storm to get in because the server was full. Over all we did good. We had 11 total people on chat and about 8 on the server. I did take a pic of the chat but I didn’t save it xD

Good job today. Anyone who showed up will get some badges.


Wind Chill success, but don’t forget Big Foot invasion!

Well guys,

I must say, we did good. Here are some pics of the successful Wind Chill invasion. And check out coins page to see if you got some coins, save up for sometihng good like a promotion!
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Nice advertisement there! 😀
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Excellent line,you guys are doing a hell lot better!
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Our chat had a nice size, not to small, but descent for a medium-small army!



  • 7:00 EST

  • 6:00 CST

  • 5:00 MST

  • 4:00 PST


Unscheduled Training Session Results

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted. Mostly because the other leaders were doing everything right. Now I feel its my turn to step in.